How to bypass House Arrest Ankle Monitor

By-Passing A House Arrest Ankle Monitor

Let me start off by saying, this is quite a challenge for anyone trying to bypass the Ankle Monitor. We have seen throughout the years many creative ways in which the bracelet has been bypassed. Thanks to those lessons we have developed the latest ankle monitor. Let me tell you much has been learned.

In my opinion, if these participants would have placed the effort and creativeness they used to try to bypass a House Arrest Bracelet, into making products that solve problems or applying it into positive things, the world would be a better place.


To bypass an ankle monitor

is really quite simple. I am sure you will be able to figure it out. So here are a few of the obstacles you will have to overcome.

1 – The first hurdle is the bracelet. The bracelet carries within it a fiberoptic cable that if broken cut or bent to the point it cracks creates an alarm. If the unit does not detect or detects an interruption it will set off an alarm. Result for breaking this is back to Jail, or at least a violation of the house arrest terms. I have yet to see anyone able to overcome this hurdle.

2- A GPS jammer. Good try however we can detect this jammer electronically which sends an alarm to your parole officer. Plus we can track you via cell signal. Here is a quote from one manufacturer on their product.

“Recently, there has been an increase in awareness of the presence of GPS jammers by law enforcement agencies. These ILLEGAL devices are available through many distribution channels and their cost has decreased to a point where many people can afford them.

Using proprietary technology, “product” can send you a notification when an offender may be attempting to jam the GPS signals.First, yes, they are illegal to own and operate. It is a violation of Federal law. Second, they have limited range and functionality. Third, the GPS monitoring device, can tell you if an offender is attempting to jam the GPS signal. No other GPS monitoring device available on the market today can provide this information.”

3- Cell Phone Signal Jammer- Guess what, we can detect this too. So another alarm gets sent  and another violation ensues.

4- Aluminum Foil around the bracelet.  Yes we can detect this as well. Here is another quote from the manufacturer. Keep in mind this was 2011 and the technology has only gotten better.

When BluTag’s ability to detect an enrollee’s deliberate attempt to shield, or block, the GPS signal was first introduced, many agencies felt it was just another alert. This may have been a premature reaction to an important event that needs closer scrutiny. Now many of those early detractors are the biggest supporter of this valuable tool.

5- The last way to bypass your house arrest bracelet is to let the battery die, this will effectively shut down the system and you do disappear from radar. Be careful the moment the battery starts to die, a signal is sent prior to the unit going dead. Notifying your officer of the event. Now this might be the simplest way to bypass the system. but you might get away with this once depending on your officer. but as many as you know, this too is a violation. In some jurisdictions if you fail to recharge your battery, you go back to jail for non-compliance.

These are just a few of the attempts and countermeasures in your ankle bracelet. So next time you consider trying to bypass the system keep in mind that you are probably not the first who tried to do it. Chances are we have already developed the technology to counter any attempts to circumvent the house arrest device.

My advice to anyone who is under house arrest is to simply abide by the rules and your time will be over before you know it. Besides it beats sharing a jail cell with someone who likes your cute behind. Think about it.





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